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Do’s and Don’ts for Your CV



    Cover letter is one of the best ways to express your potential in your own words so an applicant shouldn’t ignore it for the job application despite having a good CV. Don’t take the option to send or attach your cover letter with CV as granted like every job seeker!

    Keywords play a big role for the recruiter to search for candidates with targeted skills or experience. ATS tools in current age is also used by recruiters to shortlist CVs having desired keywords.

    Bullet points are the building blocks of every CV and they are preferred very much over brief paragraphs to highlight your experience, skills and achievements. It is important to utilize bullet points efficiently to describe each element of your career.

    Showing your strengths through skills, achievements, personal statement and other sections in your CV is crucial in winning the confidence of the recruiter so you get the call for an interview which you were hoping for!

    Formatting is a core of any professional document so it is of great importance for making an ideal CV too. Line spacing, margins, font setting and various other parameters to position your text in a best possible way for recruiter to read is what it means!



    If you miss out on any important details from your work duties to education, it would likely harm your prospect of landing a new job due to lack of such information. Even mentioning about your driver license is a big game changer for your job application!

    It is unnecessary to include extra information  such as divorces, break ups, lawsuits, agreements etc. If you tailor your CV according to the job vacancy it would help you skim additional information.

    There are specific terms or abbreviations that are difficult for recruiter interpreting your CV as he/she may not be able to get the meaning of it. Follow the 7C’s of effective communication to have an easily understandable sentences for recruiter so your phone rings for an interview more likely!

    These days it is a smart practice to avoid putting your photograph as recruiters and organizations fight biasedness for interviews and hiring processes. Your photograph may make it difficult for them to proceed with your CV.

    Avoid using buzzwords such as Hard-working, Ambitious, Aspirational, Commercial, Unique etc. Its the recruiter who will judge your potential and value you bring into the organization based on the assessment.

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